Student Testimony

The opportunity to partake in SF State/Sequoia BSN Program has been absolutely incredible. As a nursing student, the program offered numerous amazing volunteer and community outreach opportunities. I had the privilege to participate in international nursing trips to Peru and Guatemala where we set up clinics in rural communities with limited medical resources.  Also, I developed leadership skills through local community outreach events, including running flu clinics in San Francisco Homeless Shelters.

In addition, SF State/Sequoia helped me build a strong nursing foundation, and prepared me well for the challenges of my current job in a Cardio Vascular ICU shortly after graduation. Caring for critically ill patients is a wonderful and highly rewarding experience. As a new graduate nurse in the ICU I provide complex assessments, high intensity therapies and interventions, and continual monitoring. We use a multidisciplinary approach to achieve positive outcomes for critically ill patients, and I participate in the coordination of this multidisciplinary care. I am glad that SF State/Sequoia program encouraged teamwork and group projects, which challenged my communication skills and pushed me to work with individuals with different skill sets and personalities.

Above all, every SF State/Sequoia staff offered wonderful support and encouragement throughout the challenging journey of nursing school, and during the difficult post graduation year.  I truly believe the programs wonderful opportunities and supportive staff helped me and my fellow classmates flourish into competent nurses who are marketable in the nursing work force, and who are today thriving in our dream jobs.

Melissa Estrada Diaz

SF State/Sequoia BSN Cohort10 alumni