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"Since graduating with my Master's of Science in Nursing from SFSU in 1997, I began working in the operating room at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. I have dedicated my life to the practice of operating room nursing, from being a staff nurse to charge nurse, educator, clinical informaticist and Robotic Team leader.

I just started a new job at UCSF as the Clinical Educator in Pediatric Surgery. I work in the Department for Nursing Excellence and focus my education for staff in the OR at the Benioff Children's Hospital at Mission Bay.I have loved every minute of my career and feel so fortunate that as nurses we can still learn and grow in so many ways throughout our careers. I truly believe in lifelong learning and always strive to support my fellow nurses to do the same!"

-Anjal Pong, MSN '97

"I retired in 2013 after a career in critical care and working in Endoscopy.

I have never regretted becoming a nurse and will always be grateful to SF State for the education to start this career. Thank you. Hello to the class of 1965!"

-Kay Mills Liston, '65

"I was hired into the Critical Care New Grad Fellowship at UC Davis Medical Center. I will spend a total of 6 months orienting in three different adult ICUs with the goal of finding a permanent home in one of the units. It has been an amazing experience and opportunity, though very challenging due to the fast-paced environment, critical patients, and difficulties posed by the pandemic."

-Jackie Clark, BSN 2020

"My 30+ year nursing career has been the best decision I ever made. I graduated from SFSU with a bachelor in Biology in the 80's. Loved the sciences but couldn't find a job. I decided to go back to school and get a BSN from SFSU. There was no MSN program at that time for those of us with bachelors in other disciplines. While in nursing school, I worked as a student nurse at UCSF which allowed me an easy transition to a full-staff RN after graduation. Nursing is an amazing career because you have so many options. You will always be learning every day on the job. During my career, I've worked in orthopedics, microvascular, home infusion, infusion educator, home care nursing, and case management. I have enhanced past positions with additional licensure such as CRNI (Infusion Nurse). Nursing has enabled me to work part-time while raising my family and given me the skills/knowledge necessary to care for my children's illnesses when they were youngsters. In addition, nursing gave me the ability to support myself, give back to humanity in a meaningful way, and have a purposeful and productive life. Thank you SFSU for being there, then and now."

-Carolyn Amstadt Healy, BSN '89


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