Annie Tat, BSN'12, Receives a Prestigious Award

Author: Staff
February 2, 2021
Annie Tat
Photo Credit: The Daisy Foundation

The Daisy Foundation awarded Annie with The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses (The DAISY Award) in January 2021. This award honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day wherever they practice, in whatever role they serve and throughout their careers- from Nursing Student through lifetime achievement.

For Annie, nursing is not just a profession, she gives all of herself to her patients, their families, her co-workers, and members in the community each and every day. She radiates warmth, empathy, love, and openness: qualities that embody a true hero.

Annie Tat was a leader as a student, and now as a professional nurse. When Annie served as NSA President (2011/2012), she started the now traditional N-prep for incoming students. She was also the Philip Derf Awardee in 2012. Annie worked for over a year together with Larry Vitale -Pre-Licensure Clinical Placement Coordinator/ Community Public Health Lecturer, on Saturday mornings at Highland General Hospital proving nursing serves for Alameda County’s Youth Tattoo Removal Program, Project New Start.

Congratulations and thank you, Annie!