Nursing students receive training during Mega Skills Lab week

Author: Dr. Kathleen Shea
January 4, 2021
Students in Mega Skills
Photo Credit: Ed Rovera

The School of Nursing held its Mega Skills Lab during the week of November 16-20 for undergraduate Nursing students who are currently participating in livestreamed Skills Lab classes via Zoom. Students learned about nursing interventions remotely during the semester and then came to the campus during Mega Skills Lab week. They worked with faculty who provided demonstrations, coached the students and evaluated their performance. During the week of activities, 151 nursing students checked off on a total of 494 skills. Additionally, 24 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses attended the skills lab to perform physical examinations on their peers.

The School of Nursing worked with University administration to ensure that SF Department of Public Health rules and regulations were followed and to provide a safe environment that included adequate ventilation, physical distancing, PPE, disinfection procedures, two-hour max instructional session and a one-hour rest between sessions. Students and faculty enjoyed being back on campus and working together during this busy and productive week!