School of Nursing Solidarity Statement on Anti-Asian & Asian American/Pacific Islander

The School of Nursing faculty and staff stand in solidarity with Asian and Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) students, staff, faculty, and the larger community as we witness a new and brutal wave of anti-Asian racism and xenophobia. We reaffirm our commitment to supporting and advocating for AAPI students, faculty, and staff, unreservedly condemn anti-Asian racism in all forms, and we share our deep condolences to those impacted by hate, intimidation, harassment, threats, and violence.

The past year of the pandemic has exposed thousands of incidents of hate wrongfully targeting AAPI persons, including a surge of violent attacks on community elders in the San Francisco Bay Area, and recent shootings in Atlanta. Anti-Asian xenophobia has a long history that spans centuries in America. The faculty, staff, and students at the School of Nursing stand together in demanding an immediate end to this hatred, bigotry, violation and violence.